The “Antis are always targeting female hunters” lie

Regardless of my opinions on trophy hunting, I am amazed by hunters leaping to defend Melissa Bachman, Olivia Opre and others. These media-grabbing types have publicized an image of hunting that has created thousands of “antis”. These TV “hunters” have been the driving force between the social media storm over hunting.You will find “Antis” attitudes to hunting are diverse. Labeling all “antis” as tree-hugging, Vegan eco-nazis against ALL forms of hunting is every bit as erroneous as labeling ALL hunters as trophy hunters. A couple of days ago I was chatting with a Lakota woman who was taught to hunt by her grandfather and still carries on this tradition. I have respect for that. I have no respect for American hunters on Facebook crying “Our hunting tradition is under attack” while posting photos of themselves grinning over a dead Rhino or elephant.
There have been many comments about “antis’ targeting women. The women in question have used their sexuality to gain as much exposure in the media as possible. That’s how they make their money. The “Extreme huntress” with the boobs in the singlet is always going to appeal to a a certain audience. This also will make them the primary target of anti-hunting vitriol. In my opinion, like it or loathe it, these media personalities are far more of a problem for hunters than a million “Antis”.


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