What is an “Anti”?

You’ll often hear the pro-trophy hunting people referring to those opposed to their “sport” as “Antis” (Short for Anti-hunting)
This is a term invented by them because they would have you believe it’s just a small minority that finds their “sport” disgusting.

You will hear them say that all “Antis” are a bunch of tree-hugging vegan nut-jobs, a lunatic fringe, and a small but vocal minority.

The truth is, many of those opposed to them have no problem with hunting for food (including many hunters). While there are many opposed to all forms of hunting, you will find that the people opposed to trophy hunting come from all camps in regard to eating meat or hunting for food. They are all united by their disgust at the barbaric practice of killing a beautiful animal just to stick part of it’s corpse on the wall, or make out that this disgusting act somehow makes you some kind of hero.

The truth is, there is no such thing as “Antis”. There are just trophy hunters and THE REST OF THE WORLD.  You would think they would have got it through their thick heads by now that THEY are the minority.


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