“Antis are against ALL hunting”

I’ve actually had many civil conversations with hunters who have told me they are well and truly over hunting being represented by slob thrill-killers and media-whores running hunting TV shows.

I hear a lot of hunters claiming “Antis are against ALL hunting”. For some this is true, there are many who are opposed to any form of hunting. There are also many who have no quarrel with someone hunting for food.
Many hunters claim to be “ethical”; about what they do. They don’t revel in killing an animal, only take what they need and they don’t disrespect it by plastering photos of it’s corpse all over their social media pages.
I also see a lot who whine “I’m being attacked for putting food on my table”, but when you look at their Facebook pages, 90% of their posts are them grinning over dead Wolves, Coyotes, Cougars, Bears and anything else that moves.
Their “likes” are a media-whores like Ted Nugent, Jim Shockey, Melissa Bachman, Kendall Jones Etc.
There’s one moron in Utah who claims he hunts to feed his family, and that he’s “preserving hunting as an American tradition”, while at the same time he’s trying to recruit people to go leopard hunting in Africa with him.

So where are all these “ethical” hunters? Don’t seem to hear much from them. The one’s talking loudest are the slobs and thrill-killers.
Every time they open their mouths they create more “Antis”
The silence of the “ethical” hunters is just seen as acceptance of what they do.

You think of yourself as an “ethical” hunter? Then grow a set, stand up and be counted, because until you do, ALL hunters will be tarred with the same brush, and it will only get worse for you.

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