What is an “Anti”?

You’ll often hear the pro-trophy hunting people referring to those opposed to their “sport” as “Antis” (Short for Anti-hunting)
This is a term invented by them because they would have you believe it’s just a small minority that finds their “sport” disgusting.

You will hear them say that all “Antis” are a bunch of tree-hugging vegan nut-jobs, a lunatic fringe, and a small but vocal minority.

The truth is, many of those opposed to them have no problem with hunting for food (including many hunters). While there are many opposed to all forms of hunting, you will find that the people opposed to trophy hunting come from all camps in regard to eating meat or hunting for food. They are all united by their disgust at the barbaric practice of killing a beautiful animal just to stick part of it’s corpse on the wall, or make out that this disgusting act somehow makes you some kind of hero.

The truth is, there is no such thing as “Antis”. There are just trophy hunters and THE REST OF THE WORLD.  You would think they would have got it through their thick heads by now that THEY are the minority.

The BIG lie from the South African professional Hunters association

More bullshit: Read this news article on the recent report from the North West University, commissioned by the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA): http://www.news24.com/Travel/South-Africa/Foreign-hunters-spent-R124bn-in-South-Africa-20140312 Are they serious about that last question? “Does the fact that trophy hunting pumps R1.24bn into the local economy make it okay to hunt the Big 5?” The Professional Hunters Association of South Africa would like you to get the impression that hunting brings in R1.24Bn into the local economy, but take even a quick look at the report and you will realise this is not true The report DOES NOT say that that money is pumped into the local economy. It says that is how much the hunters SPENT. There’s a BIG difference! “Airfares, transport, ammunition, shipping costs, trophy handling, licenses and permits, additional tours as well as species fees and daily rates.” are, by the reports own admission, all included in that inflated figure. So where did all that money go? By the reports own findings, 88% of these hunters are from the USA. They book their hunting trips through Safari companies, or “Outfitters”, which are almost exclusively American owned and profits are channelled back to the USA. I see they included airfares in the figure. Tell me, how do the airfares of predominantly American hunters, traveling by many different International airlines, get into the local economy? So where does it REALLY go? A HUGE amount of it winds up in the pockets of “Safari Club International”. This positively evil consortium is trying to monopolise hunting worldwide. They run their own travel agencies (http://www.travelexpressagency.com), they (and other Americans),own most of the outfitting companies in South Africa, and those they don’t own they are sole representatives for in the U.S. A good example is “Chifuti Safaris” (http://www.chifutisafaris.com/who_we_are.htm). African owned, but almost all of their business is provided by SCI member Ivan Carter. But they still try and sell the lie that hunting is of huge benefit to the S.A. economy. PHASA themselves are just a mouthpiece for the American-owned SCI, and have a U.S. company dictating their policies on African wildlife

SCI dictating policy to the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa, their South African mothpiecs

SCI dictating policy to the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa, their South African mouthpieces

From the “Economists at large” report on SA’s hunting industry (2012): “A study jointly published by the International Council for Game  and  Wildlife Conservation and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization,(Booth2010) explored the income and expenditure of hunting companies in Tanzania, which has the largest trophy hunting industry in East Africa. Booth had access to confidential financial records of trophy hunting companies and was able to compile an “approximate  income and expenditure statement of a company in Tanzania”. Booth’s results provide an insider’s insight into which stakeholders  benefit from trophy hunting. We see that little of the expenditure  of these operators accrues locally, with only around 3% going to community development”. I find it very encouraging that PHASA spent a lot of money commissioning this report. It demonstrates that they know it’s only a matter of time before South Africa bans this disgusting trade. They are desperately trying to justify their existence by saying they are of huge economic benefit to the country. Their own report says this is not true.

And where did the university get it’s figures for the report? Read the report.The university sourced all the financial figures it quotes from PHASA. No research was done, PHASA themselves spoon-fed them the numbers it wanted reported.

“A lie so colossal that no one would believe that someone could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.” – Adolf Hitler, “Mein Kampf”.

Justifications for trophy hunting…

These are the usual Bloodthirsty psychopaths favourite justifications for trophy hunting:
1) It’s legal
2) I killed it to conserve it
3) It was ravaging the local wildlife
4) “ah killed it tuh feed muh family”
5) Self defence “It were comin’ raht at me”
6) The meat was used to feed 300 local starving villagers
7) “it’s part of the mehcan carnstsitution”
or everybody’s favourite:
8) “Jeebers sayed in that thar bible thet we got dominyun over animals and can shoot the shit outa anythin’ that moves”


The “Antis are always targeting female hunters” lie

Regardless of my opinions on trophy hunting, I am amazed by hunters leaping to defend Melissa Bachman, Olivia Opre and others. These media-grabbing types have publicized an image of hunting that has created thousands of “antis”. These TV “hunters” have been the driving force between the social media storm over hunting.You will find “Antis” attitudes to hunting are diverse. Labeling all “antis” as tree-hugging, Vegan eco-nazis against ALL forms of hunting is every bit as erroneous as labeling ALL hunters as trophy hunters. A couple of days ago I was chatting with a Lakota woman who was taught to hunt by her grandfather and still carries on this tradition. I have respect for that. I have no respect for American hunters on Facebook crying “Our hunting tradition is under attack” while posting photos of themselves grinning over a dead Rhino or elephant.
There have been many comments about “antis’ targeting women. The women in question have used their sexuality to gain as much exposure in the media as possible. That’s how they make their money. The “Extreme huntress” with the boobs in the singlet is always going to appeal to a a certain audience. This also will make them the primary target of anti-hunting vitriol. In my opinion, like it or loathe it, these media personalities are far more of a problem for hunters than a million “Antis”.